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Breezin’ Thru Composing follows our unique Breezin’ Thru® 5-Step learning module.

Lessons: Key compositional concepts are introduced with animated lessons, musical examples & fun interactive activities.

Composer: Each lesson also focuses on a famous composer or genre of music to provide historical context.

Theory Link: Each Breezin’ Thru Composing chapter also includes a little theory refresher.

Composition Model is now seen in action, with a step-by-step video and the musical end result.

Create Your Own: Students then complete their own compositions using their favorite notation software.

Student’s Reflect on their piece, which builds musical literacy, and teachers are offered coaching tips & evaluation rubrics.

Expand It: Lastly, students are inspired to expand their music & make it sound even cooler using tools like GarageBand.

Dashboard: When they’re done, Students can upload their music & hear their amazing Composing Journey. What a thrill!


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